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Introduction to Fire Patrol

At the conclusion of this lesson, the student will better understand fire, be able to recognize common fire safety hazards, and know to safely take action in the event of a fire. The student will also learn what action to take to correct a fire-life condition, or if the problem cannot be corrected, be able to effectively report a potentially serious life-safety issue.

After becoming knowledgeable about fire protection, fire safety, and fire emergencies, the student will incorporate fire-life safety into everyday awareness while performing routine and emergency security duties.


  • Understand fire safety
  • Understand the three elements necessary for fire
  • Recognize common fire safety hazards
  • Safely take action in the event of a fire
  • Understand fire life safety
  • Understand various fire protection systems

The student has 45-days (1.5-months) to complete the training.

Lesson TypeHow to Use This Training Program
Lesson TypeIntroduction to Fire Patrol
Lesson TypeFinal Steps
Lesson TypeIntroduction to Fire Patrol, Final Examination
Credits: 4
Certificate: Introduction to Fire Patrol Certificate