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Arizona: 8-hours Unarmed Skills Training Course (Initial)

This training program complies with all requirements as mandated by the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS).

The complete training course is broken into 9 lessons and must be completed before the guard begins work.

To make the training material easier to use, each lesson is divided into modules of approximately 1-hour blocks. Each module must be completed in order and with a score of 100% on the Knowledge Checks. Students may return to a previously completed module to review any and all material.


  • Arizona Revised Statute, Title 32, Chapter 26, Article 4, §32-2632.
  • Arizona Administrative Code, Title 13, Article 6, §R13-6-601. Security Guard Pre-assignment Training

Certificates and forms will be emailed 2 business days following course completion. Please check all SPAM folders if you do not receive the email in the expected timeframe.

The student has 90-days (3-months) to complete the training.

Lesson TypeLesson 00, Introduction
Lesson TypeLesson 01, Orientation
Lesson TypeLesson 02, Criminal law and laws of arrest
Lesson TypeLesson 03, Uniform and Grooming
Lesson TypeLesson 04, Communications, Part 1
Lesson TypeLesson 04, Communications, Part 2
Lesson TypeLesson 05, Use of Force, Part 1
Lesson TypeLesson 05, Use of Force, Part 2
Lesson TypeLesson 06, General Security Guard Procedures, Part 1
Lesson TypeLesson 06, General Security Guard Procedures, Part 2
Lesson TypeLesson 07, Crime Scene Preservation/First Response
Lesson TypeLesson 08, Ethics
Lesson TypeLesson 09, First Response
Lesson TypeFinal Steps
Lesson TypeFinal Examination, Part 1
Lesson TypeFinal Examination, Part 2
Credits: 8