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Arizona: Defensive Spray Skills Training Course
Using the latest and current materials provided by Security Training Center,® LLC. the security guard will:
  • Explain a brief history of tear gas and chemical agents.
  • Comprehend the chemical properties of hand-held defensive sprays.
  • Differentiate the various different types of hand-held defensive spray canisters and nozzles.
  • Describe the criminal and civil implications of deploying chemical agents.
  • Determine appropriate defensive spray decontamination procedures.
  • Understand the principles of proper deployment of hand-held defensive sprays.
  • Determine limitations of hand-held defensive sprays.
  • Explain proper maintenance, storage and disposal methods for of hand-held defensive sprays.
  • Complete the final examination with a 100% score in accordance with regulations.
The student has 45-days (1.5-months) to complete the training.
Lesson TypeArizona - Lesson 00, Introduction
Lesson TypeArizona - Lesson 05, Use of Force, Part 1
Lesson TypeLesson 03, History and Safety
Lesson TypeLesson 04, Usage and Deployment
Lesson TypeFinal Steps
Lesson TypeDefensive Spray, Final Examination
Credits: 4
Certificate: AZ Defensive Spray Certificate of Completion