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California Part 1: 8-hrs, Unarmed Skills Training Course (PoA)
Part 1 is an 8-hour program. This section familiarizes and instructs the student on the training topics delineated by Business and Professions Code section 7583.7, legal aspects, techniques, liability, and company requirements relating to the arrest of an individual.
This section must be completed before the guard is assigned to duty.
Part 1 is comprised of two (2) lessons:
  1. Lesson 01, Power to Arrest
  2. Lesson 02, Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism Awareness
The student has 30-days to complete the coursework.
Lesson TypePlease Read First
Lesson TypeHow to Use This Training Program
Lesson TypeIntroduction to the California BSIS Unarmed Skills Training Course for Security Guards
Lesson TypeLesson 01, Power to Arrest, Part 1
Lesson TypeLesson 01, Power of Arrest, Part 2
Lesson TypeLesson 01, Power of Arrest, Part 3
Lesson TypeLesson 01 Final Examination, Part 1
Lesson TypeLesson 01 Final Examination, Part 2
Lesson TypeLesson 02, Part 1, WMD & Terrorism Awareness
Lesson TypeLesson 02, Part 2, WMD & Terrorism Awareness
Lesson TypeCompleting and Submitting California Unarmed Guard Card Application
Lesson TypeStudent Feedback, California Part 1
Lesson TypeFinal Steps, California Part 1 Unarmed Course
Lesson TypeLesson 02, Final Examination
Credits: 8