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California: Chemical Agents (Stand Alone) (2017-Old/Retired)



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NOTE: This course is offered as part of the Complete 40-hour BSIS course and Part 3, 16-hour course as Lesson 10.

This is the stand alone course for adding the qualification to carry tear gas/pepper spray. Enroll in this course only if you already hold a BSIS Guard Card and wish to add Tear Gas/Pepper Spray qualification.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be issued a Certificate of Training and Identification for carrying Tear Gas and Pepper Spray.

The student has 45-days (1.5-months) to complete the training.

Lesson TypeHow to Use This Program
Lesson TypeUse of Force
Lesson TypeUse of Leathal/Deadly Force
Lesson TypeChemical Agents, Part 1
Lesson TypeChemical Agents, Part 2
Lesson TypeFinal Steps
Lesson TypeChemical Agents, Final Examination
Credits: 4